Dave Kearney

Dave’s been building and scaling companies for 20+ years—driving performance through business-aligned technology strategy, product innovation, and data integration.

As a CEO, CTO, and entrepreneur, he is skilled in solving real-world problems for startups through Fortune 500 organizations. He empowers teams to deliver robust, scalable infrastructures, and powerful solutions that automate processes, improve performance outcomes, and set the stage for exponential growth.


Every organization has a different vision and direction— to succeed and grow, it’s essential to establish a clearly defined strategy and execution plan. Dave shapes strategies for in-house operations and infrastructures, transform strategies into roadmaps, and roadmaps into profitable organizations.


These days, it’s essential to have developers and Lean Six Sigma experts who are ready to take on new projects at a moment’s notice. Dave leads US and offshore teams to increase revenue, market share, profit, and efficiency through cutting-edge engineering, online sales, digital marketing, and reliable, integrated software solutions.


Dave recognizes the importance of equity in education, and he actively pursues opportunities to use technology to boost engagement, accessibility, and learning outcomes for children of all races, abilities, and backgrounds. So far, in his career, he has launched an EdTech startup, provided technology strategy and leadership for a company with 290 pre-schools and childcare centers, and helped create NapaLearns Virtual Career Academy.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Strategic Planning, Team Building, Cloud & Mobile Software Development, Enterprise SaaS Solutions, Budgeting, P&L,  AI, Machine Learning, High-Availability Data Architectures, Engineering Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Fortune 500 Enterprise Projects, Client Relations & Communications, Digital Marketing, Robotic Process Engineering