Turning Risk Into Reward

A tale of entrepreneurs turning a
market inefficiency into opportunity

Once upon a time…

a group of finance entrepreneurs had an idea that would revolutionize how companies can borrow against their accounts receivables.

Every day…

manufacturers and other similar companies faced the challenge of paying for and building products that someone will purchase in the future. They may have lots of orders, and they may even have some deposits, but the bulk of the cash for those orders might not arrive for several months. These companies typically go to banks to take out a line-of-credit to pay for up-front manufacturing.

One day…

the entrepreneurs realized that banks are not very flexible and take too long to process line-of-credit requests. They also are not very good at managing the fluctuations in the borrowers’ needs and the different risks involved with each transaction.

Because of that…

we suggested a web SaaS application that would provide the manufacturers with an easy way to apply for loans, upload and manage their invoices, repay outstanding balances. The app could also give the banks fast and straightforward ways to manage clients and risks. Finally, the web application would provide an overall management interface for the entrepreneurs’ new company.

And because of that…

we built a modern web SaaS application that had several parts:

  • A client view that allows the borrowers to upload their invoices, transfer loaned money to their bank accounts, track repayments, and view overall status.
  • A bank view that lets the banks manage all of their clients as well as their global risk portfolio. The interface also allowed the banks to see aggregate data on other banks and loans to manage their offering appropriately.
  • An administrative interface for managing banks and clients.
  • A back-end engine assesses the risks of the various manufacturers and their invoices so that the banks could set their rates accordingly.

Until finally…

…within a short time, the entrepreneurs were able to demonstrate to investors their revolutionary ideas with a clear, easy-to-use, interactive product.