I Build



I architect, design, and build web, SaaS, mobile applications, APIs, and databases. From prototypes and MVPs to enterprise-scale solutions, I have decades of experience building software that works. And, when it’s time to scale and grow, I build onshore and offshore software and DevOps teams to make it happen.

I design software in React, React Native, Swift, Angular, Python, Node, JavaScript, Java, C#, C++, and many other frameworks.

I build solutions using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, CRMs, Data Integration, Automation, and Cloud Computing.

I design database architectures with RESTful and GraphQL APIs built on MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, MSSQL, and Oracle and countless other databases.

And I work on multiple platforms including Salesforce, AWS, Azure, and Google.

I founded and led for 20+ years a groundbreaking Silicon Valley Marketing Automation company – Boomerang.com. Since I sold the company, I have been growing and scaling dozens of other start-ups from the ground up.

In addition to my technology expertise, I have an MBA in Finance. I have a wealth of experience in Team Building, Mentoring, Business Strategy, E-Commerce, Integrated Marketing, Go-to-market Strategy, Product Management, Business Development, C-Suite Consulting, and Agile Methodologies.

I have built and worked with highly diverse and collaborative organizations where cross-departmental communication is the norm. I find that inclusion brings new ideas and perspectives that drive innovation as a culture in companies.

I take ideas for start-ups and enterprise products and turn them into reality. I build the teams and the paths to success.

At Seamless.Partners I build software and companies. I hand-pick talented engineers, designers, and marketers to design and develop solutions. How can I partner with you to help you achieve your goals?