Early Childhood Education Facebook Friday – 10/29/2021

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From 10/15/21 to 10/29/21

We follow the social marketing habits of an ever-growing number of Early Childhood Education companies. The information included in this report shows social marketing usage along with the specific information to help our clients market better.

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Facebook Biggest Movers

This section shows which organizations had the largest change in the number of facebook followers over this time period. The positive change may be caused by their posts or other marketing programs such as events

Biggest Change in Facebook Followers
Top Mover Post Count Past Likes Current Likes Change
Blossom Preschool – Sans Souci 2 352 3381 +861%
Early childhood education classes 0 345 499 +45%
Montessori and Early childhood education online training 0 813 1032 +27%
Early Childhood Education Advocacy 0 526 655 +25%
Early Childhood Training RTO: 90900 2 3189 3950 +24%
Jonathan Gloag Centre for Early Childhood Education 0 345 419 +21%
Early Childhood Plus 1 1196 1432 +20%
Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school, Vidyaranyapura, Bengaluru 0 375 445 +19%
Tehama County Department Of Education 0 1808 2145 +19%
Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Council 1 32541 38124 +17%

Facebook Biggest Movers' Posts

This section shows the top posts of the organizations with the largest change in the number of facebook followers. The posts below may have had some impact on the positive change in followers.

Blossom Preschool – Sans Souci
Company: Blossom Preschool – Sans Souci
Company Likes: 3381
Post Likes: 7
Post Shares: 0
Post Comments: 0
Message: Today marks the end of of National Nutrition Week. Throughout the week the children at Blossom Engadine learnt about foods that were good for us to eat all the time and foods that are ok to eat sometimes. They learnt this through books, craft experiences, smart board learning and hands on learning #blossomengadine #blossompreschoolengadine #blossompreschool #nationalnutirtionweek2021
Company: Blossom Preschool – Sans Souci
Company Likes: 3381
Post Likes: 2
Post Shares: 0
Post Comments: 0
Message: At Blossom Engadine today we celebrated Global Hand washing Day! The children learnt about how important it is to wash our hands with soap and how germs can be on our hands, even if we can’t see them! We then watched a song all about washing hands #globalhandwashingday2021 #blossomengadine #blossompreschoolengadine #childcare #engadine

Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Council
Company: Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Council
Company Likes: 38124
Post Likes: 188
Post Shares: 101
Post Comments: 0
Message: Get to know more ECCD programs! We are glad to share this infographic to get to know the main differences between CBPAV and the ECCDC's Home-based Program.

Early Childhood Plus
Company: Early Childhood Plus
Company Likes: 1432
Post Likes: 2
Post Shares: 0
Post Comments: 0
Message: 🙌 COMING SOON! Don't snooze on the next 24 Hour Dollar Deal for your Buildings Study. I had quite a few teachers message me that they missed the last one, so I'm giving you a heads up! 🥳 Drops this Wednesday! Includes: Photos of Different Kinds of Buildings Build It A-Z alphabet cards Parts of a House Shared Discussion & Writing Photos & more! 🤩 If you're a Made for Pre-K member, you can access the resource in your member portal Wednesday AM.

Early Childhood Training RTO: 90900
Company: Early Childhood Training RTO: 90900
Company Likes: 3950
Post Likes: 24
Post Shares: 5
Post Comments: 2
Message: Free personal development sessions – Here’s a little update on which of our trainers will be presenting each session. Haven’t booked yet? Better get in quick, bookings close 7pm Sunday night. Professional Development Sessions. Join us at Early Childhood Training (ECT) for our free Professional Development Sessions with experienced Childcare and Early Learning trainers. Come hear about the latest topics from industry leaders. Share experiences and have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED At the completion of the session there will be an option to complete a survey to tell us what you thought, and what you’d like to see included in the future. As a thank you, we will send you a certificate of participation. Want to learn more about ECT?, visit our website at www.earlychildhoodtraining.com.au
Company: Early Childhood Training RTO: 90900
Company Likes: 3950
Post Likes: 3
Post Shares: 0
Post Comments: 0
Message: What a great way to introduce and explore the principles of gravity. Here’s what @agency_through_play had to say about this experience: ‘These two marble trees from @tiny_tones, are one of the most worthwhile investments that I have made. I used them with my class last year as well and they were so engrossed. We have had a lot of discussions about gravity and the children have developed some good understanding of the concept. Using the trees is a great “gravity tester” and they also develop an awareness of pitch and tone. The sound coming from the trees is lovely, which has generated discussions into what causes the differences’

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