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From 6/28/21 to 7/12/21

We follow the social marketing habits of an ever-growing number of EdTech and EdAI companies. The information included in this report shows social marketing usage along with the specific information to help our clients market better.

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Blog Posts

This section shows the latest blog posts of the organizations in the EdTech and EdAI sector.

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Civitas Learning
Civitas Learning
Company: Civitas Learning
Feed: Civitas Learning » Civitas Learning Space Category Feed
Title: 3 Ways Academic Advisors Can Improve Student Engagement
Date published: 06/30/2021
Author: Civitas Learning
Summary: Holistic Academic Advising Strategies to Help Your Team Scale Personalized Student Outreach Holistic academic advising is…  <read>
Description: HOLISTIC ACADEMIC ADVISING STRATEGIES TO HELP YOUR TEAM SCALE PERSONALIZED STUDENT OUTREACH Holistic academic advising is consistently one of the most effective student success initiatives used across higher education. When we reviewed more than 1,000…  <read>

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