EdTech and EdAI Twitter Tuesday – 10/12/2021

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From 9/28/21 to 10/12/21

We follow the social marketing habits of an ever-growing number of EdTech and EdAI companies. The information included in this report shows social marketing usage along with the specific information to help our clients market better.

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Twitter Biggest Movers

This section shows which organizations had the largest change in the number of twitter followers over this time period. The positive change may be caused by their tweets or other marketing programs such as events

Biggest Change in Twitter Followers
Top Mover Tweet Count Past Followers Current Followers Change
ClassCraft 0 14526 14533 +0.1%
Wonder Workshop 0 26781 26781 +0%
TeachFX 0 315 315 +0%
COGNII 0 623 623 +0%
Knewton 0 14354 14354 +0%
Century Tech 0 4464 4464 +0%
OSMO 1 23085 23085 +0%
LearnPlatform 0 2771 2771 +0%
Quill 0 1513 1513 +0%

Twitter Biggest Movers' Tweets

This section shows the top tweets of the organizations with the largest change in the number of twitter followers. The tweets below may have had some impact on the positive change in followers.


Company: ClassCraft
Company Followers: 14533
Retweets: 0
Tweet Text: Were discussing how Classcraft and #CanvasLMS together can motivate students to engage more in their learning. Joi https://t.co/9ALVFCSTze

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