Global Winery Facebook Friday – 08/13/2021

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From 7/30/21 to 8/13/21

We follow the social marketing habits of an ever-growing number of Global Winery companies. The information included in this report shows social marketing usage along with the specific information to help our clients market better.

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Facebook Biggest Movers

This section shows which organizations had the largest change in the number of facebook followers over this time period. The positive change may be caused by their posts or other marketing programs such as events

Biggest Change in Facebook Followers
Top Mover Post Count Past Likes Current Likes Change
Darlington Vineyard 1 484 632 +31%
Brandlin Vineyard 0 1381 1764 +28%
Azienda Agricola Scompiglio 0 2530 3143 +24%
Smallfry Wines 0 983 1195 +22%
Weinhof Waldschütz 1 1888 2149 +14%
Ramey Wine Cellars (Pedregal) 0 2862 3205 +12%
MBX Grapes Vineyard 3 3716 4085 +10%
Pelee Island Winery 12 10128 10902 +8%
Running Vines Winery 0 8544 9201 +8%
TRE Secoli sca – Viticoltori in Piemonte dal 1887 3 5055 5460 +8%

Facebook Biggest Movers' Posts

This section shows the top posts of the organizations with the largest change in the number of facebook followers. The posts below may have had some impact on the positive change in followers.

Darlington Vineyard
Company: Darlington Vineyard
Company Likes: 632
Post Likes: 21
Post Shares: 3
Post Comments: 2

MBX Grapes Vineyard
Company: MBX Grapes Vineyard
Company Likes: 4085
Post Likes: 60
Post Shares: 45
Post Comments: 15
Company: MBX Grapes Vineyard
Company Likes: 4085
Post Likes: 63
Post Shares: 29
Post Comments: 46
Message: MBX FARM 2 IS OPEN FoR BOOKinGS & RESERVATions Experience Grapes Picking with Us🥰🥰 Rates: Entrance Fee: Adult -10yrs old up -200.00 9yrs. Below-100.00 3ft. Below child -FREE GRAPES – 600.00 /kG MBX Grapes Vineyard Farm 2 will open itS doors to Pickers and Viewers Starting August 8, 2021 📣📣NO WALK-INS ALLOWED as measures to avoid overcrowding for COVID-19 protocols 📣📣You can also reserve breakfast/lunch or snacks 📣📣Welcome drinks and a free taste of our grape fruit are given to paying guests😊😊😊
Company: MBX Grapes Vineyard
Company Likes: 4085
Post Likes: 27
Post Shares: 2
Post Comments: 10

Pelee Island Winery
Company: Pelee Island Winery
Company Likes: 10902
Post Likes: 85
Post Shares: 26
Post Comments: 17
Message: Monday Must Have! We ❤️ these Essex County wineries maps from The Charming Place! If you're a wine lover and haven't been this far south in Canada, we hope to welcome you soon. Our region offers amazing wineries, breweries, distilleries, as well as city, small town and nature experiences. Plan ahead if you want to include Pelee Island in your itinerary as it is a 1.5 hour ferry ride each way is required. If you can't make it to Pelee Island, as you can see from this sweet map, you can visit us at our mainland winery in Kingsville too! Learn more about visiting us on our website: #PeleeIslandWinery #MyPelee
Company: Pelee Island Winery
Company Likes: 10902
Post Likes: 52
Post Shares: 5
Post Comments: 9
Message: In 1894, the first sparkling wine was made in the Traditional Method on Pelee Island. These days the term “Champagne” may only be used in reference to those sparkling wines from the Champagne region in northeast France made in this Traditional or Classic Method. Meaning when a secondary fermentation takes place inside the bottle in which the wine will be sold. Spoiler Alert – That Traditional Method on Pelee Island is seeing a second chapter to its story thanks to a passion project in the works by Winemaker Martin Janz. You’ll have to stay tuned in over the coming months to find out more! For now, let’s play… #TuesdayTrivia – What year was the law passed to establish the first “Champagne” quality rules. #PeleeIslandWinery #MyPelee 📸 credit to our team member Angela
Company: Pelee Island Winery
Company Likes: 10902
Post Likes: 38
Post Shares: 7
Post Comments: 7
Message: Your new favourite hoodie, and other Pelee Island Winery wear, is here! We’ve paired up with @ungalliclothingco to bring you the perfect pairing for running errands, cycling, yoga, sitting around the bonfire and of course, when relaxing with a glass of wine. What we love about this new merchandise is that, like our winery and vineyard practices, they are sustainable! Made ethically in Canada from recycled & organic materials, produced in Canadian facilities where workers are safe, respected, and paid fair wages. Ungalli Clothing Co. is mission-led & female founded making high quality design that is made to last. FRIDAY FUN FACT – Each tee saves: 🌎 10 plastic bottles from the landfill 💧 41 days of drinking water 💡 7 hours of lightbulb energy 🚙 1 KM of driving emissions – All options are currently available at both our Kingsville Retail Boutique – White loose fit and black fitted t-shirts available at our Pelee Island Winery Pavilion – Coming soon to our online Wine Shop for delivery directly to your doorstep! #PeleeIslandWinery #MyPelee
Company: Pelee Island Winery
Company Likes: 10902
Post Likes: 37
Post Shares: 3
Post Comments: 8
Message: Heading off into the sunset and the long weekend and YES! We are OPEN all weekend. 🍷 Kingsville Winery Retail Boutique (📍Kingsville, the mainland location) 9am to 5pm – Saturday & Monday 11am to 5pm – Sunday Reserve: 🍷 Pelee Island Pavilion (📍Pelee Island – the island location) 11am to 4pm Saturday, Sunday, Monday Reserve: Please note: the Pavilion BBQs are not available for public use at this time. *Pelee Island is an hour and a half ferry ride. Book your reservations with Owen Sound Transportation – Cheers 🥂 #PeleeIslandWinery #MyPelee
Company: Pelee Island Winery
Company Likes: 10902
Post Likes: 18
Post Shares: 1
Post Comments: 6
Message: Did you know that Pelee Island is part of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail system? It is! We love sharing Pelee Island by bike or hike with our friends. 🥾 "Following close to the Lake Erie shoreline all around the Island…the route travels quiet country roads, through farmland, vineyards and natural areas, and has equal sections that are paved and unpaved." 🚲"The Waterfront Trail also connects to the Islands’s Ecological Trail System, providing access to beaches, forests, sand dunes, marshes and alvars found nowhere else in Canada." #TriviaTuesday – What is the km count on the Pelee Island portion of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail? Learn more here @gwtadventure #PeleeIsland #MyPelee 📸 @hfsco

TRE Secoli sca – Viticoltori in Piemonte dal 1887
Company: TRE Secoli sca – Viticoltori in Piemonte dal 1887
Company Likes: 5460
Post Likes: 13
Post Shares: 9
Post Comments: 0
Message: Per chi preferisce la montagna, il clima fresco accompagna perfettamente un bel calice di Nizza e un tagliere di formaggi stagionati. Acquistalo qui: #cantinatresecoli #winelovers #piemonte #mountain #nizzadocg
Company: TRE Secoli sca – Viticoltori in Piemonte dal 1887
Company Likes: 5460
Post Likes: 12
Post Shares: 4
Post Comments: 1
Message: Aperitivo in spiaggia significa Fontanaperla Rosé Acqui DOCG: un vino brillante, fresco ma deciso. I profumi di rosa, fragola e marasca assieme al tannino gentile caratterizzano il suo gusto inconfondibile e rinfrescante. –> #cantinatresecoli #wine #fontanaperlarose #docg #winelover #aperitivo
Company: TRE Secoli sca – Viticoltori in Piemonte dal 1887
Company Likes: 5460
Post Likes: 3
Post Shares: 4
Post Comments: 0
Message: Avete già prenotato il nostro tour dei vigneti? A piedi o in bicicletta, non perdetevi l'occasione di godere di una passeggiata fra i vigneti del Monferrato degustando i nostri pregiati vini in un tour indimenticabile tra natura, gusto e storia. Per prenotare cliccate qui: #cantinatresecoli #winelovers #piemonte #tourvigneti

Weinhof Waldschütz
Company: Weinhof Waldschütz
Company Likes: 2149
Post Likes: 364
Post Shares: 58
Post Comments: 180
Message: 🍷 GEWINNSPIEL 🍽️ 📣 GEWINNE DEINEN PERFEKTEN TAG BEIM TOP-HEURIGEN 📣 inkl. TOP-Jause und exklusiver Führung durch den Weingarten FÜR ZWEI PERSONEN. Wir laden dich und deine liebste Begleitung zum TOP-Heurigen ein! Das ist deine CHANCE. SO geht's: LIKE diesen Beitrag und sei oder werde Fan unserer Facebook-Fanpage. Also LOS: Jetzt LIKEN und mit etwas Glück erlebst du deinen exklusiven Genuss-Tag beim TOP-Heurigen in Obernholz. ☀☀☀☀☀☀ Dieses Gewinnspiel wird nicht von Facebook gesponsert oder unterstützt. Die Verlosung findet per Zufallsverfahren am 9. August statt.

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